Gluten-Free Oatmeal Raisin Organic Cookies - 2 Dozen

We pulled out all of the stops to make our soft baked, chewy Gluten-Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies to be loved by all. Even if you do not typically enjoy oatmeal raisin cookies you'll enjoy ours! It’s because of our deliciously plump organic raisins, paired with our signature blend of warm, comforting organic spices that warm your soul. Everyone enjoys this oatmeal classic! 100% organic.

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Place an order for two dozen of our delicious Gluten-Free Oatmeal Raisin Organic Cookies today!

At NeesSweets Organic Bakery, we are exceptionally good at one thing and one thing only … creating amazingly delicious miniature baked treats that your family and friends will love and appreciate you for! We prefer not to bake huge super-sized cookies and jumbo desserts; instead, we bake in miniature serving sizes that remove all of the guilt from enjoying a deliciously sweet treat. Practically every sweet treat can fit in the palm of your hand, even our cakes are adorably baked in 4” pans that are beautifully presented and are perfect for gifts.

What’s Important to You is Important to Us!

We ONLY bake with the highest quality natural and organic products available. The high quality of our ingredients and the love that we bake into each treat make for an explosive flavor combination that you simply will not find everywhere. Your family and friends will love NeesSweets organic baked treats AND you’ll deserve all the credit for making yet another great decision!

Are You Hungry For Better Baked Sweet Treats?

When it comes to the food that we love, NeesSweets believes that the source of where every ingredient came from is as important to the quality of the baked treat as it is to the quality of our overall health.

Our greatest joy is seeing our youngest customers taste our treats for the first time! Eyes light up in surprise and delight as the fresh, intense flavors and the perfect textures melt into their mouths.

We attribute our delectable taste not only to our carefully selected ingredients but also to the fact that all of our sweet treats are deliciously baked in small batches without preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial flavors or colors. Every mouth-watering baked treat is made to order with premium, organic, gourmet ingredients including locally sourced organic eggs, flour, dairy, chocolate, sugar, imported vanilla {you get the picture} :-)

Need 4 Dozen Cookies by Tomorrow?

Keep bookmarked in your tablet because we specialize in filling large, last minute orders for class parties and school events, teacher appreciation gifts, birthdays, holidays and more! We’d love to meet your challenge! :-)

We Spread The Love Once Per Month!

Every month, we randomly select a lucky recipient of a delicious baked treat. Whether it's a dozen of our delicious cookies, a mouthwatering cookie sandwich or a fudgy brownie, join our mailing list and enter your name today to receive a deliciously sweet surprise!

What’s the BIG Deal About ORGANIC?

Recent research suggests that choosing organic food and organic ingredients can lead to an increased intake of nutritionally desirable antioxidants and reduced exposure to toxic heavy metals. Many organic ingredients naturally have more antioxidants which are (important for prevention of things like cancer, heart disease, premature aging, vision problems, and cognitive malfunction). And if you didn’t know, pesticides are excellent at keeping certain pests away from crops, but they contain unnatural chemicals that are not beneficial to humans. Some pesticides have been linked to a number of developmental problems, including autism and ADHD, and these are just some of the reasons why we've chosen to bake organic.